Haven BBQ and Whiskey Dinner

Our Final Event in this Year's Winefest Series is a decadent Whiskey & BBQ Experience

Saturday , April 24th

at Haven Restaurant

  • Seatings from 5PM -8PM

    Attire: Dressy Casual
    Complimentary valet parking at Haven

    Our final event for this year's Winefest series will be the most innovative BBQ paired with whiskey event you have ever seen in Tampa! Haven's Chef, Chad Johnson grew up in Paducah, Kentucky where his passion for elevated BBQ and all things culinary took heart. This lively three course meal is paired with curated cocktails sponsored by Sazerac and live music from the Matt Winter Band. Tables can be purchased for two, four, or six guests to help ensure we are keeping everyone thoughtfully distanced. Round up your closest group of cowhands and put on your favorite boots to enjoy the most mouthwatering BBQ this side of the Mississippi.

    Please keep in mind that an additional reservation will be arriving after you. Your dinner experience is limited to two hours. Varying times and party sizes are available to allow for proper distancing between patrons and sanitization after each reservation – the current dining restrictions limit our flexibility.

    First Course Choices

    Smoked Lobster & Tomato Tartine - jalapeño & basil cornbread, Lexington style BBQ butter

    BBQ Charcuterie - hog headcheese, rabbit rillette, country pâté, duck ham, pickles & preserves

    Duck & Foie Gras Hot Link - coal roasted corn & mushroom salad, ramp ranch

    Snake Juice -  Sazerac 6yr Rye, passion fruit, cacao, lemon, angostura bitters

    Weekend at Bern"ies" - Minor Case Straight Rye, yellow chartreuse, lime, mint

    Second Course Choices

    Warm Smoked Salmon - blue crab & fava bean Brunswick stew

    Pork Rib Crépinette - pork belly, Brussels sprouts, black truffle & tomato macaroni

    76 Hour Wagyu Brisket - pimento cheese pierogi, collard greens, peppercorn potlikker

    Wild Ride - Buffalo Trace Bourbon, ruby red grapefruit, clover honey

    Flight Club - Four Roses Yellow Label, aperol, amaro nonino, lemon

    Third Course Choices

    Banana & Brioche Bread Pudding - salted bourbon caramel, meringue

    Derby Pie a la Bern's - Valrhona chocolate & walnut pie, macadamia ice cream

    Old Fashioned - Four Roses Small Batch Select Bourbon, demerara sugar, bitters, orange peel, cherry

    Sundae School - Old Ezra 7yr Bourbon, banane du bresil, citron, chocolate bitters

    Featured Whiskies

    Minor Case Rye - Sherry Cask Finished

    Ezra Brooks 7yr Old Barrel

    Four Roses Small Batch Select

    Four Roses Yellow Label

    Sazerac Rye 6yr Old

    Buffalo Trace

    Please note: Due to the format of this dinner, allergies and dietary substitutions cannot be accommodated.