Wednesday , April 10th

at Bern's Steak House

  • Reception at 6:30pm
    Dinner at 7:15pm

    Attire: Semiformal
    Complimentary valet parking at Bern's Steak House with ticket

    Join us as we travel back in time to the 13th Century and the Bordeaux region of France to explore wines from Château Pape Clément paired beautifully with dishes created by Chef Habteab Hamde. Winery representative Jean-Christophe Crouzet will join us to discuss and present the wines during this multi-course meal hosted in the Bordeaux Room, the original dining room of Bern’s Steak House.

    Reception: Pape Clément Blanc 2014
    1st Course: Pape Clément Blanc 2016
    2nd Course: Pape Clément 1964
    3rd Course: Pape Clément 1962 Magnums
    4th Course: Le Clémentin de Pape Clément 2012 & Le Clémentin de Pape Clément 2016
    5th Course: Pape Clément 2005