Olivia Lacoste



Olivia Lacoste obtained a Bachelor degree in UK and a “master Grande Ecole” at INSEEC Bordeaux (School of business and economics).

She worked successively as a product manager in tableware and for a wine broker in 2007, before being the family 5th generation joining Château Ferran, under the guidance of her father Philippe Lacoste.

At the end of 90’s, Philippe and his wife Ghislaine took over the lead of the vineyard, supporting the required investments to revive this sleeping beauty.
Since the beginning of 2018, Olivia is progressively taking in charge the management of Chateau Ferran, which means there have been no change hands since 1880.

This enthusiast of nature, mother of 2 children, enjoys to leave her home in Bordeaux to benefit from the 70 ha of Ferran estate, shared equally between vines, century old forest (home to beehives) and meadows for the “Bazadaises” cows.
Olivia kept from the illustrious Ferran’s owner Montesquieu (1715) a part of his philosophy: “Un grand vin se fait d’abord avec de beaux raisins” which means :  “a great wine first exists with fine grape.”

For her : “To succeed, you have to keep land in good condition. Use manure for vines when necessary and lend part of the forest to a beekeeper for mostly 20 years is part of our biodiversity contribution."