Kim Yelvington

Executive Pastry Chef


Kim Yelvington started pursuing her passion of culinary arts during her studies at USF. Shortly after she began school, she took a job at Bern’s Steak House where she met French pastry chef, Sylvain LeRoy of Valrhona Chocolatier. It was after this that Kim decided to combine her love of art and cuisine by using pastry as her canvas. After her travels, studying in Paris, and eight years at Bern’s, Kim ventured out on her own and opened Chocolate p where she could use her own creativity and business skills to create artisan cakes and pastries made in the European tradition combined with American influence. Kim used her own recipes from Old-World baking traditions along with her unique artistic flair to marry taste and beauty in desserts. Chocolate pi created custom wedding cakes that have been served at some of the most upscale wedding and events in the Tampa Bay area. Kim continues her custom confectionery for select clients today. Today, Kim has returned to her home at Bern’s where her passion and creativity are showcased nightly at the Harry Waugh Dessert Room. Her desserts were recently selected for the Food Network show “Best Thing I Ever Ate”, and she has been featured on ABC Action News, The Travel Channel, and CNN. Guests enjoy her innovative and flavorful creations nightly. Her recipes have been unmatched in the Tampa Bay area and continue to be staples of the Bern’s Steak House legacy.