Jean-Christophe Crouzet



Born in the Rhone valley in the South-East of France, Jean-Christophe Crouzet was raised with the French tradition of “good food and good wine”. He has fond memories of choosing the wine to serve from the cellar with his Granddad and Dad for their Sunday meals together. 

Jean-Christophe’s passion for wine continued to grow through the years. After graduating from Economics University and successfully passing a master in international Wine Business, Jean-Christophe decided to travel.  It was a tough choice, but one he will never regret. When he landed in the UK, he realized that London was one of the centres for the wine world, and that he was in the right place to take his career further. 

Having spent almost ten years with a major wine retailer, Harrods, where Jean-Christophe was the Wine Manager for the company, he took a break to learn the art of winemaking with two experiences; one in Chile and the other in Provence. Then he headed back to London where he met with Bernard MARGEZ, who broadened his mind. Jean-Christophe is still amazed at how a simple chat with this iconic wine entrepreneur gave him such a different perception of himself! Mr. MAGREZ offered Jean-Christophe the opportunity to work with him, a chance that Jean-Christophe grabbed with both hands and now he is in charge of developing Bernard Magrez brands in the US, UK and Middle East markets. 

Jean-Christophe’s philosophy about wine is simple: “You do not need a special occasion to drink a great bottle of wine. The bottle, itself, is the special occasion. However, an exceptional bottle will make this instance memorable.”