Habteab Hamde

Executive Chef, Bern's Steak House


Affectionately called "Hab" by everyone at Bern's, Habteab emigrated from the small African country of Eritrea in 1983. Since he enjoyed preparing meals for his family when he was young and everyone predicted he would one day be a chef, he attended the Swedish Culinary Institute in Sudan, Africa.
When he settled in the United States, he left his culinary career behind and began attending USF to pursue a degree in accounting, but soon, the childhood predictions came true and he decided to return to the kitchen.
Hab enjoys cooking because it is so similar to chemistry – especially creating new things with his favorite ingredients, garlic, tomato and onion. He says, "It is truly exciting to take different ingredients, textures and flavors and create something completely new and different and at Bern's we have so many opportunities to utilize some of the best products in the world."