Bob Haa

Head Brewer, Motorworks Brewing


Bob Haa, Head Brewer at Motorworks Brewing

Bob is the mastermind behind the beer and as a founding member he has taken production from zero to over six thousand barrels annually. When he’s not formulating recipes and brewing beer Bob enjoys hiking and attending music festivals. He grew up in Cullman, Alabama then studied Biology at St. Mary’s College in Southern Maryland and Mycology at the University of Minnesota.

During his college days Bob started home brewing as a hobby and took several medals in competitions. He began a career in commercial brewing in 1998 at Hops Restaurants in Minneapolis and then a year with St. Sebastiaan brewery in 2004. Bob spent 8 years selling craft beer in Florida before taking the dive back into the production side at Motorworks.

Over the 6 years since opening, Motorworks has brewed hundreds of different beers and won over 60 awards including Silver at 2018 World Beer Cup, Brew of the Year at 2017 Best Florida Beer Championship, Gold at 2014 Great American Beer Festival, Gold at 2019 U.S. Open Beer Championship and many more.